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purush aayog helpline number

women orgs have support groups in India but men do not have any purush aayog in India as it is believed that men were never persecuted but the reality in terms of statistics is alarming due to which there is a need for purush aayog helpline number in delhi for helping men, boys and husbands from all spheres of life and also to guide strategies to them online from any part of the globe.

initiatives have been started by many activists in India especially in delhi being the capital of India but efforts have gone in vain as donation seekers and greedy men in some of these so called purush aayogs in delhi have been misusing the harassed men's data due to which formation of men cell or national commission for men a distant dream.

husbands and their families often visit delhi in the hope of some relief but the dharna gangs operating in the name of purush aayog make their crying video viral all over India due to which such already harassed men feel sad before their own relatives and friends circle when they each back to their respective cities after attending purush aayog dharnas in delhi and some even dress as women to poke fun of themselves by others.

suicides are on a rise due to false cases by wives and girlfriends but such dharnas arranged by dharna gangs in delhi may pose more harm to such distressed men who had come to delhi from all parts of India to be a part of all India men rights protest for the ministry of men in India, and therefore, some part of blame for suicides may also be taken by these so called laywers and their commission agents in the same of dharna/ protesters/ activists as by exposing these crying men before the media they spread sadness at least in the life of those men whose crying videos have been made viral.

sadly, this sadistic approach followed by some opportunists in the name of samanvaya samitis or purusg aayogg result in adding to the miseries of those men who had come to delhi to be a prt of protests against women laws in India.

national commission for women in delhi had been founded by the then ruling party in India but these central commissions or the delhi commission for women or state specific crime against women cells or ministries for welfare of child and women have connected children with the mothers and kept the fathers i.e., men/ purush out of the ambit of the purush aayog hence the need.

contribution is needed for purush helpline in delhi from purush or men from all over India so that national level men's commission in delhi may be started in the name of purush helpline or purush aayog helpline whioch may guide the men under the existing laws to punish those who file false case against men and his relatives in India and this contribution may be in monetary form or may be in the form of referring clients to any such men rights activists like atur chatur in delhi who are fighting their alone battle against the gender discrimination in India and you guys better mind it that laws are already there to punish a woman who files false caw cell complaint or false metoo complaint against men in India and there is no need of mentoo type stupidious movement in India and what is the need of the hour is the party in person movement or as aturchatur since 2014 calls it as the PIP movement in India once he founded this movement in the year 2014 but these days more specifically from year 2020 the same guy has started a counter attack tactics which is also known as arrest warrant against wife tactics/ strategy which is being popularly known as these days as offensive defense or defensive offense strategy to counter false 498a by team purush aayog from delhi hence men/ boys must stay in touch with purush aayog latest news found at atur chatur counselling's website which only tells the men about their real enemies in this fight against false cases and also how to closer false FIR or false caw complaint without coming to India by non resident Indian husbands.

purush aayog helpline number

In delhi, the purush aayog helpline number for rohini and shalimar bagh can be accessed at below phone number which is available 24 hours for helping men all over India. Call purush aayog helpline number right now and discuss your matter to get rid of cruel wife and close her false 498a and CAW Cell complaint and other false cases by wife or any other women in the name of fake women empowerment. Here is the purush aayog helpline number for your ready reference so that you can call them right away and get help.

Call : 9873540498

Email : aturchatur@yahoo.com